Which Sayings Guide Your Work?

I need to share one of the items that appeared recently on my LinkedIn(TM) feed. I don’t agree with all of the statements below, but I agree 100% with ‘Love your job but don’t love your company, because you may not know when company stops loving you’.

Which sayings guide your work?


Love your work Linkedin


Are We Observant Enough?

Inspired by a July WordPress photo challenge, a post about being observant!


In the July 16th photo challenge, WordPress staffer Nancy Thanki writes that “Going about our day, we often don’t pay attention to what’s directly above us. We’re more likely to focus on what’s in front of us rather than what’s overhead.”

I believe this – we don’t often look up. (We aren’t observant; we avoid tripping or we look inward and/or immediately in front to our troubles or responsibilities… but that could be for another post.)

Here’s what I saw in July and August on my way home from work…

  • Dearborn Station (used from 1920 to 1971 for intercity and commuter rail travel)
  • a freight train near Ashland Avenue.
  • graffiti  (that I actually admired …the words “We are better.” spoke to me)

I think we can all be better by looking up (and out) toward the future.

Thank you WordPress for the idea to look up!