Hi, I’m Lisa. I created the blog 123communications in 2014 to de-compress from my day job and to reflect on how to live in a communication-filled world.

I am a mid-level communicator with a non-profit and start-up background. I dream constantly about making a difference and living simply through better communication, change management and training. (I also dream about learning and doing, specifically wondering what I can learn and do each day.)

The blog title 123communications comes from the idea that life and communication should be simple (among other things) — almost as if we are following numbered instructions.

Here is what you can expect from me…

I’ll be commenting on communication & media … noting best practices (and bad endings) in workplace communication, content development, change management and training.

I’ll be writing about my own interests… continuous learning, communication (see above) and work/life balance through yoga practice, through traveling around Chicago and through reading –especially magazines (my love of magazines should become fairly clear!).

As an avid writer, reader and communication person, I know what I like to see in blog and creative pieces.  I’ll try to create a highly readable and insightful blog.

Let’s be simple together,



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